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Neural Cell News 6.17, May 2, 2012
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Preferential Electrical Coupling Regulates Neocortical Lineage-Dependent Microcircuit Assembly
Scientists showed that transient electrical coupling between radially aligned sister excitatory neurons regulates the subsequent formation of specific chemical synapses in the neocortex. [Nature] Abstract

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Prion-Like Behavior and Tau-Dependent Cytotoxicity of Pyroglutamylated Amyloid-β
Researchers report a mechanism by which pyroglutamylated (pE) forms of amyloid-β (Aβ) may trigger Alzheimer’s disease. Aβ3(pE)-42 co-oligomerizes with excess residues 1-42 (Aβ1-42) to form metastable low-n oligomers (LNOs) that are structurally distinct and far more cytotoxic to cultured neurons than comparable LNOs made from Aβ1-42 alone. [Nature] Abstract | Press Release

Glycolytic Oligodendrocytes Maintain Myelin and Long-Term Axonal Integrity
Scientists identified a metabolic component of axon-glia interactions by generating conditional Cox10 (protoheme IX farnesyltransferase) mutant mice, in which oligodendrocytes and Schwann cells fail to assemble stable mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase (COX). [Nature] Abstract

IRS2 Signaling in LepR-b Neurons Suppresses FoxO1 to Control Energy Balance Independently of Leptin Action
To determine whether leptin receptor (LepR-b)-expressing neurons mediate the metabolic actions of Irs2 in the brain, researchers utilized Leprcre together with Irs2L/L to ablate Irs2 expression in LepR-b neurons. [Cell Metab] Full Article

Foxp-Mediated Suppression of N-Cadherin Regulates Neuroepithelial Character and Progenitor Maintenance in the Central Nervous System
Researchers demonstrated that two Forkhead transcription factors, Foxp2 and Foxp4, are progressively expressed upon neural differentiation in the spinal cord. [Neuron] Abstract | Press Release

γ-Protocadherins Control Cortical Dendrite Arborization by Regulating the Activity of a FAK/PKC/MARCKS Signaling Pathway
Researchers used a conditional γ-protocadherin (γ-Pcdh) allele to restrict mutation to the cerebral cortex and found that, in contrast to other central nervous system phenotypes, loss of γ-Pcdhs in cortical neurons does not affect their survival or result in reduced synaptic density. [Neuron] Abstract | Press Release

Complementary Chimeric Isoforms Reveal Dscam1 Binding Specificity In Vivo
Researchers established that recognition between Dscam1 isoforms on neurites of the same cell provides the molecular basis for self-avoidance. [Neuron] Abstract

Bergmann Glia Modulate Cerebellar Purkinje Cell Bistability via Ca2+-Dependent K+ Uptake
Using transgenic mice that allow selective stimulation of glial cells, researchers report that cytosolic Ca2+ regulates uptake of K+ by Bergmann glia, thus providing a powerful mechanism for control of Purkinje cell-membrane potential. [Proc Natl Acad Sci USA] Full Article

Cannabidiol-Induced Apoptosis in Murine Microglial Cells through Lipid Raft
Scientists investigated the proapoptotic effect of cannabidiol (CBD) on primary microglial cells. Treatment of murine primary microglial cultures with CBD resulted in a time- and concentration-dependent induction of apoptosis, as shown by increase in hypodiploid cells and DNA strand breaks, and marked activation of both caspase-8 and -9. [Glia] Abstract

Postnatal Subventricular Zone of the Neocortex Contributes GFAP+ Cells to the Rostral Migratory Stream under the Control of Sip1
By analyzing a neocortex-specific conditional knockout of the transcriptional repressor Sip1 (Smad-interacting protein 1), researchers identified a novel pool of progenitors located within the dorsal SVZ at early postnatal stages that differentiate into GFAP+ cells of the glial tube. [Dev Biol] Abstract

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American Academy of Neurology Foundation Is Now the American Brain Foundation
This name change is part of an overall re-branding campaign as the organization repositions itself to become the world’s leader in raising money for research to cure brain diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, autism, and epilepsy. [American Academy of Neurology] Press Release

University of Rochester Researcher Awarded $263,622 for Multiple Sclerosis Research
Matthew Bellizzi, MD, will receive a $263,622 grant to continue his study of injury to brain cell connections in multiple sclerosis through the American Brain Foundation and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society Clinician-Scientist Development Award. [American Academy of Neurology] Press Release

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association Honors Dr. Robert Baloh, Director of Cedars-Sinai Neuromuscular Division
Robert H. Baloh, MD, PhD has received the ALS Association Golden West Chapter Commitment to a Cure Award. [Cedars-Sinai Medical Center] Press Release

Michigan State and University of Texas Scientists Receive 2012 Sanberg Awards from ASNTR
The American Society of Neural Therapy and Repair (ASNTR) awarded The 2012 Bernard Sanberg Memorial Award for Brain Repair to Timothy J. Collier, PhD. ASNTR also presented The Molly and Bernard Sanberg Memorial Award to Sean I. Savitz, MD. [EurekAlert!] Press Release


Chinese Publishers Vow to Cleanse Journals
The China Association for Science and Technology in Beijing has taken the lead among the country’s publishers in trying to clamp down on academic misconduct. [The China Association for Science and Technology, China] Press Release

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NEW The International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks (ICANN) 2012
September 11-14, 2012
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