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Neural Cell News 7.38 September 25, 2013
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In Vivo Reprogramming of Astrocytes to Neuroblasts in the Adult Brain
Researchers showed that the single transcription factor SOX2 is sufficient to reprogram resident astrocytes into proliferative neuroblasts in the adult mouse brain. [Nat Cell Biol] Abstract
Neurosphere or Adherent Monolayer Culture? NeuroCult Does Both.
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ADAM10 Missense Mutations Potentiate β-Amyloid Accumulation by Impairing Prodomain Chaperone Function
In Tg2576 Alzheimer’s disease (AD) mice, both mutations attenuated α-secretase activity of ADAM10 and shifted amyloid precursor protein processing toward β-secretase-mediated cleavage, while enhancing Aβ plaque load and reactive gliosis. Scientists also demonstrated ADAM10 expression potentiates adult hippocampal neurogenesis, which is reduced by the late-onset AD mutations. [Neuron]
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TAG-1-Assisted Progenitor Elongation Streamlines Nuclear Migration to Optimize Subapical Crowding
Scientists found that knockdown of the cell-surface molecule TAG-1 resulted in retraction of neocortical progenitors’ basal processes. Highly shortened stem-like progenitors failed to undergo basalward interkinetic nuclear migration and became overcrowded in the periventricular space. [Nat Neurosci]
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Efficient Induction of Differentiation and Growth Inhibition in IDH1 Mutant Glioma Cells by the DNMT Inhibitor Decitabine
Treatment of IDH1 mutant glioma cells resulted in a dramatic loss of stem-like properties and efficient adoption of markers of differentiation, effects not seen in decitabine treated IDH wild-type glioma initiating cells. [Oncotarget] Full Article

Gold Nanoparticles Functionalized with a Fragment of the Neural Cell Adhesion Molecule L1 Stimulate L1-Mediated Functions
In vitro, L1-derivatized particles promoted neurite outgrowth and survival of neurons from the central and peripheral nervous system and stimulated Schwann cell process formation and proliferation. [Nanoscale] Abstract

Efficient Derivation of Cortical Glutamatergic Neurons from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells: A Model System to Study Neurotoxicity in Alzheimer’s Disease
Researchers implemented an efficient paradigm to convert human pluripotent stem cells into enriched populations of cortical glutamatergic neurons emerging from dorsal forebrain neural progenitors, aided by modulating Sonic hedgehog signaling. [Neurobiol Dis] Abstract

Notch Signaling Induces Retinal Stem-Like Properties in Perinatal Neural Retina Progenitors and Promotes Symmetric Divisions in Adult Retinal Stem Cells
Scientists addressed whether Notch signaling may play a selective role in retinal stem versus retinal progenitor cells in both developing and adult eyes. Inhibition of either Notch or FGF signaling reduced proliferation of retinal stem and retinal progenitor cells, and inhibited retinal stem cell self-renewal. [Stem Cells Dev] Abstract

Suppression of Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis by Interleukin-10 Transduced Neural Stem/Progenitor Cells
Researchers used neural stem/progenitor cells overexpressing IL-10, an immunomodulatory cytokine, in an animal model for central nervous system inflammation and multiple sclerosis. IL-10 transduced neural stem/progenitor cells suppressed antigen-specific proliferation and proinflammatory cytokine production of lymph node cells obtained from myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein aa 35-55 peptide immunized mice. [J Neuroinflamm] Abstract | Full Article

c-Src and Neural Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome Protein (N-WASP) Promote Low Oxygen-Induced Accelerated Brain Invasion by Gliomas
Researchers studied eight human glioblastoma cell lines; U251, U87, D54 and LN229 showed accelerated motility in low ambient oxygen. Downregulating c-Src or N-WASP by RNA interference abrogates the low-oxygen-induced enhancement in motility by in vitro assays and in organotypic brain slice cultures. [PLoS One] Full Article | Press Release

ZY-1, A Novel Nicotinic Analog, Promotes Proliferation and Migration of Adult Hippocampal Neural Stem/Progenitor Cells
Investigators showed that ZY-1 significantly increased proliferation and migration of neural stem/progenitor cells (NSPCs), but failed to affect NSPCs differentiation in vitro. [Cell Mol Neurobiol] Abstract

Opposing Effect of EGFRWT on EGFRvIII-Mediated NF-κB Activation with RIP1 as a Cell Death Switch
Researchers showed that RIP1 acts as a switch in EGFR signaling. EGFRvIII is an oncogenic mutant that does not bind ligand and is coexpressed with EGFRWT in glioblastoma multiforme. [Cell Rep]
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Take the "if" out of "diff": Reduce variability when differentiating to neural progenitors
Fibroblast Growth Factor-2 Signaling in Neurogenesis and Neurodegeneration
The authors highlight current research towards therapeutic interventions targeting fibroblast growth factor-2 (FGF2)/FGFR1 in neurodegenerative disorders. [J Neuroimmune Pharm] Abstract

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‘First-In-Man’ Implant of Regenerative Cell Therapy in Parkinson’s Disease
Living Cell Technologies Limited announced that the first patient has been successfully implanted in the Phase I clinical trial of the regenerative cell therapy NTCELL® – a potential treatment for Parkinson’s disease. [Living Cell Technologies Limited] Press Release

TauRx Achieves Milestone in Global Phase III Clinical Trials of LMTX™ for Alzheimer’s Disease
TauRx Therapeutics Ltd announced that it has reached an important milestone with over 300 patients now enrolled in its global Phase III clinical trials of LMTX™ for mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease. [TauRx Therapeutics Ltd] Press Release

Investigational Diabetes Drug May Also Have Future as Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease
Metabolic Solutions Development Company, LLC (MSDC) announced the presentation of new data showing an investigational drug being studied to treat diabetes, MSDC-0160, had a protective effect on nerve cells in the brain that control movement, balance and walking. [Metabolic Solutions Development Company, LLC] Press Release

NIH Funding Boosts New Alzheimer’s Research on Prevention, Novel Drug Targets
Researchers will test promising drugs aimed at preventing Alzheimer’s and identify and validate biological targets for novel therapies, with approximately $45 million in new funding from the National Institutes of Health. [Fierce Biotech Research] Press Release

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