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Neural Cell News 6.09, March 7, 2012
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The Voltage-Gated Proton Channel Hv1 Enhances Brain Damage from Ischemic Stroke
Researchers investigated whether NADPH oxidase (NOX)-mediated brain damage in stroke can be inhibited by suppression of Hv1. Mice lacking Hv1 were protected from NOX-mediated neuronal death and brain damage 24 hours after stroke. [Nat Neurosci] Abstract

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Mitochondrial CB1 Receptors Regulate Neuronal Energy Metabolism
Here investigators show that the type-1 cannabinoid receptor (CB1) is present at the membranes of mouse neuronal mitochondria, where it directly controls cellular respiration and energy production. [Nat Neurosci] Abstract

The Growth Factor SVH-1 Regulates Axon Regeneration in C. elegans via the Jun N-Terminal Kinase MAP Kinase Cascade
Researchers found that the Caenorhabditis elegans SVH-1 growth factor and its receptor, SVH-2 tyrosine kinase, regulate axon regeneration. [Nat Neurosci] Abstract

Active Dendrites Support Efficient Initiation of Dendritic Spikes in Hippocampal CA3 Pyramidal Neurons
Scientists used confocally targeted patch-clamp recording from dendrites and axons to map the activation of rat CA3 pyramidal neurons at the subcellular level. [Nat Neurosci] Abstract

Cyclin D2 in the Basal Process of Neural Progenitors Is Linked to Non-Equivalent Cell Fates
Here, researchers identify a novel mechanism for generating cellular asymmetry through the active transportation and local translation of Cyclin D2 mRNA in the basal process. [EMBO J] Abstract

Injury-Independent Induction of Reactive Gliosis in Retina by Loss of Function of the LIM Homeodomain Transcription Factor Lhx2
Investigators report that selective deletion of the LIM homeodomain transcription factor Lhx2 from mature Müller glia leads to the induction of reactive retinal gliosis in the absence of injury. [Proc Natl Acad Sci USA] Abstract

Inhibition of Drp1 Provides Neuroprotection In Vitro and In Vivo
Here, researchers investigated the role of dynamin-related protein 1 (Drp1) in neuronal cell death induced by glutamate toxicity or oxygen-glucose deprivation in vitro, and after ischemic brain damage in vivo. [Cell Death Differ] Abstract

Reduced Expression of BTBD10, an Akt Activator, Leads to Motor Neuron Death
Overexpression of BTBD10 suppresses motor neuron death that is induced by a familial amyotrophic lateral sclerosis-linked superoxide dismutase 1 (SOD1) mutant, G93A-SOD1 in vitro. In this study, researchers further investigated the BTBD10-mediated suppression of motor neuron death. [Cell Death Differ] Abstract

Notch Signaling Controls Generation of Motor Neurons in the Lesioned Spinal Cord of Adult Zebrafish
This research demonstrates that Notch is a negative signal for regenerative neurogenesis, and that spinal motor neuron regeneration can be augmented in an adult vertebrate by inhibiting Notch signaling. [J Neurosci] Abstract | Press Release

A Novel “Molecular Tweezer” Inhibitor of α-Synuclein Neurotoxicity In Vitro and In Vivo
To determine if CLR01 was protective in vivo, researchers used a novel zebrafish model of α-synuclein (α-syn) toxicity, which expresses human, wild-type α-syn in neurons. [Neurotherapeutics]
Abstract | Press Release

LIS1-Dependent Retrograde Translocation of Excitatory Synapses in Developing Interneuron Dendrites
Here researchers show that immature dendrites of γ-aminobutyric acid-positive interneurons form long protrusions and that these protrusions serve as conduits for retrograde translocation of synaptic contacts to the parental dendrites. [Nat Commun] Abstract

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UC San Diego Among First in Nation to Treat Brain Cancer with Novel Viral Vector
Researchers and surgeons are among the first in the nation to treat patients with recurrent brain cancer by directly injecting an investigational viral vector into their tumor. The injected Toca 511 is a retroviral replicating vector that is designed to deliver a cytosine deaminase gene selectively to cancer cells. [University of California (UC), San Diego] Press Release

Fourteenth Patient Dosed in Neuralstem ALS Stem Cell Trial
Neuralstem, Inc. announced that the second patient to receive stem cells in the cervical region of the spine was dosed in the ongoing Phase I trial of its spinal cord neural stem cells in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). The first twelve patients in the trial received stem cell transplants in the lumbar region of the spinal cord only. [Neuralstem, Inc.] Press Release

LCT Completes Pre-Clinical Studies of NTCELL in Parkinson’s
Living Cell Technologies Limited (LCT) announced the successful completion of pre-clinical studies for NTCELL, a potential innovative treatment for Parkinson’s disease. [Living Cell Technologies Limited]
Press Release

Intellect Neurosciences Receives Notice of Allowance from United States Patent and Trademark Office for its ANTISENILIN® Alzheimer’s Disease Immunotherapy Technology Platform
Intellect Neurosciences, Inc. announced that it received a Notice of Allowance from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for patent claims covering the company’s ANTISENILIN® monoclonal antibody platform technology for the treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. [Intellect Neurosciences, Inc.] Press Release


Small Business Alzheimer’s Disease Research (SBIR[R43/R44]) (RFA-OD-12-003) [National Institutes of Health, United States]

Small Business Alzheimer’s Disease Research (STTR[R41/R42]) (RFA-OD-12-004) [National Institutes of Health, United States]

National Institutes of Health (United States)

Food and Drug Administration (United States)

Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (United States)

European Medicines Agency (European Union)

Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (United Kingdom)

Therapeutic Goods Administration (Australia)


NEW Wisconsin Stem Cell Symposium – Neural Stem Cells: Generation & Regeneration
April 11, 2012
Madison, United States

NEW 4th International Congress on Stem Cell and Tissue Formation: Quantitative Stem Cell Biology – From Models to Applications
July 18-20, 2012
Dresden, Germany

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