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Neural Cell News 6.05, February 8, 2012
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High-Throughput Clonal Analysis of Neural Stem Cells in Microarrayed Artificial Niches
To better understand the extrinsic signals that control neural stem cell (NSC) fate, researchers have applied a microwell array platform which allows high-throughput clonal analyses of NSCs, cultured either as neurospheres or as adherent clones, exposed to poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogel substrates functionalized with selected signaling molecules. [Integr Biol] Abstract

Neurosphere or Adherent Monolayer Culture? NeuroCult Does Both.
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A Role for Primary Cilia in Glutamatergic Synaptic Integration of Adult-Born Neurons
Scientists examined the assembly and function of the primary cilium in the synaptic integration of adult-born mouse hippocampal neurons. [Nat Neurosci] Abstract

Human Cerebral Cortex Development from Pluripotent Stem Cells to Functional Excitatory Synapses
Extrapolating from an understanding of rodent cortical development, scientists have developed a robust, multistep process for human cortical development from pluripotent stem cells. [Nat Neurosci] Abstract

Anti-Ganglioside Antibody Internalization Attenuates Motor Nerve Terminal Injury in a Mouse Model of Acute Motor Axonal Neuropathy
Investigators have found that differential endocytic processing of anti-ganglioside Abs (AGAbs) by different neuronal and glial membranes might be an important modulator of site-specific injury in acute AGAb-mediated Guillain-Barré syndrome subforms and their chronic counterparts. [J Clin Invest] Abstract

Impaired Neurotransmission Caused by Overexpression of α-Synuclein in Nigral Dopamine Neurons
Researchers used in vivo amperometry to monitor changes in synaptic dopamine (DA) release in the striatum induced by overexpression of human wild-type α-synuclein in nigral DA neurons, induced by injection of an adeno-associated virus type 6 α-synuclein vector unilaterally into the substantia nigra in adult rats. [Proc Natl Acad Sci USA] Abstract

Noise Overexposure Alters Long-Term Somatosensory-Auditory Processing in the Dorsal Cochlear Nucleus: Possible Basis for Tinnitus-Related Hyperactivity?
Here scientists demonstrate for the first time in vivo long-term effects of somatosensory inputs on acoustically evoked discharges of dorsal cochlear nucleus neurons in guinea pigs. [J Neurosci]
Abstract | Press Release

Generation of Multiple Classes of V0 Neurons in Zebrafish Spinal Cord: Progenitor Heterogeneity and Temporal Control of Neuronal Diversity
The developmental mechanisms responsible for generating neuronal diversity within a domain are not well understood. Here, scientists have studied zebrafish V0 neurons, those that derive from the p0 progenitor domain, to address this question. [J Neurosci]

The Loop Diuretic Bumetanide Blocks Posttraumatic p75NTR Upregulation and Rescues Injured Neurons
Here, investigators unravel the mechanism of the emergence of dependency of injured neurons on brain-derived neurotrophic factor for survival. [J Neurosci] Abstract

Astrocytes Control the Development of the Migration-Promoting Vasculature Scaffold in the Postnatal Brain via Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Signaling
Researchers reveal that astrocytes orchestrate the formation and structural reorganization of the vasculature scaffold in the rostral migratory stream (RMS) and, during early developmental stages, the RMS contains only a few blood vessels oriented randomly with respect to the migrating neuroblasts. [J Neurosci] Abstract

Sphingolipid-Modulated Exosome Secretion Promotes the Clearance of Amyloid-ß by Microglia
In this study, scientists have identified novel roles for neuron-derived exosomes acting on extracellular amyloid-ß. [J Biol Chem] Abstract

Trans-Synaptic Spread of Tau Pathology In Vivo
Investigators demonstrate propagation of pathology from the entorhinal cortex and support a trans-synaptic mechanism of spread along anatomically connected networks, between connected and vulnerable neurons. [PLoS One] Abstract | Press Release

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Intellect Neurosciences Files New Patent Applications for Immunotherapy Methods to Target Abnormal Tau Protein in Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease
Intellect Neurosciences, Inc. announced that it has filed two United States and one international patent application regarding passive and active immunotherapy approaches targeting abnormal forms of tau protein that lead to death of nerve cells in Alzheimer’s disease. [Intellect Neuroscience, Inc.] Press Release

University of California San Diego Moores Cancer Center Offers New Hope for Deadly Brain Tumor
In the United States, each year, approximately 10,000 patients are affected by glioblastoma multiforme.  Now, a novel investigational device is offering new hope to these patients. [University of California, San Diego] Press Release

Administration Announces New Steps to Fight Alzheimer’s Disease
The Obama Administration announced new efforts to fight Alzheimer’s disease, including immediately making an additional $50 million available for cutting-edge Alzheimer’s research. [United States Department of Health and Human Services] Press Release

$30M Gift to Fast-Forward Health Care Research, Education and Care at McMaster University
A Hamilton family is giving McMaster University $30 million to accelerate the university’s innovations in health research, education and care. [McMaster University] Press Release


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NEW Experimental Biology (EB) 2012
April 21-25, 2012 
San Diego, United States

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