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Neural Cell News 5.36, September 14, 2011
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Asymmetry-Defective Oligodendrocyte Progenitors Are Glioma Precursors
Researchers show that the proteoglycan NG2 segregates asymmetrically during mitosis to generate oligodendrocyte progenitor cells of distinct fate. [Cancer Cell] Abstract


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Glutamate Release by Primary Brain Tumors Induces Epileptic Activity
To investigate peritumoral seizure etiology, researchers implanted human-derived glioma cells into severe combined immunodeficient mice. [Nat Med] Abstract | Press Release

Local Ca2+ Detection and Modulation of Synaptic Release by Astrocytes
The data provide direct evidence that astrocytes are integrated in local synaptic functioning in adult brain. [Nat Neurosci] Abstract

Grid Cells Generate an Analog Error-Correcting Code for Singularly Precise Neural Computation
Researchers examined how accurately the grid code with noisy neurons allows an ideal observer to estimate location and found this code to be a previously unknown type of population code with unprecedented robustness to noise. [Nat Neurosci] Abstract

Loss of Sensory Input Causes Rapid Structural Changes of Inhibitory Neurons in Adult Mouse Visual Cortex
Here, investigators use two-photon imaging to monitor the fine structure of inhibitory neurons in mouse visual cortex after deprivation induced by retinal lesions. [Neuron] Abstract | Press Release

Elimination of Adult-Born Neurons in the Olfactory Bulb Is Promoted During the Postprandial Period
Here, researchers show that elimination of adult-born granule cells is promoted during a short time window in the postprandial period. [Neuron] Abstract | Press Release

Development of a Method for the Purification and Culture of Rodent Astrocytes
Here, scientists report a new method to prospectively purify astrocytes by immunopanning. [Neuron] Abstract

Control of Neuronal Morphology by the Atypical Cadherin Fat3
Here, researchers show that the atypical cadherin Fat3 ensures that amacrine cells develop unipolar morphology. [Neuron] Abstract

Spatial Code Recognition in Neuronal RNA Targeting: Role of RNA–hnRNP A2 Interactions
The data suggest that cellular dysregulation observed in the presence of CGG repeat RNA may result from molecular competition in neuronal RNA transport pathways. [J Cell Biol] Abstract | Press Release

Metabolic State of Glioma Stem Cells and Nontumorigenic Cells
Researchers hypothesized that the metabolism of glioma stem cells differs from that of their progeny. [Proc Natl Acad Sci USA] Abstract | Press Release

Conserved Properties of Dendritic Trees in Four Cortical Interneuron Subtypes
Using electron microscopy and serial reconstructions, researchers analyzed the dendritic trees of four morphologically distinct neocortical interneuron subtypes to reveal two underlying organizational principles common to all. [Sci Rep] Abstract | Press Release



First Patient in Next Dose Cohort Successfully Treated with ReN001 Stem Cell Therapy
ReNeuron provides an update on progress with the PISCES Phase I clinical trial of its ReN001 stem cell therapy for disabled stroke patients. [ReNeuron] Press Release

Novartis Receives EU Approval for Votubia®, the First Medication to Treat Children and Adults with SEGA Associated with TSC
Novartis announced that the European Commission has approved Votubia® (everolimus) tablets for the treatment of patients aged 3 years and older, with subependymal giant cell astrocytoma (SEGA) associated with tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC), who require therapeutic intervention but are not amenable to surgery. [Novartis AG] Press Release

Stem Cell Efforts to Treat Neurological Disease Bolstered With $4.5 Million
Researchers have received $4.5 million in new funding to further the efforts to use stem cells and related molecules to treat several feared disorders for which there are currently no cures – including multiple sclerosis, Huntington’s disease, and fatal childhood diseases known as pediatric leukodystrophies. [University of Rochester Medical Center] Press Release

Rett Syndrome Research Trust Creates MECP2 Consortium
The Rett Syndrome Research Trust announced the creation of the MECP2 Consortium, a dynamic collaboration between the laboratories of three distinguished scientists, Adrian Bird, Michael Greenberg and Gail Mandel. [Rett Syndrome Research Trust] Press Release

Galenea and CHDI Foundation Announce Collaboration to Identify Key Synaptic Dysfunction in Huntington’s Disease
Galenea Corp. and CHDI Foundation, Inc. have announced a collaboration to identify synaptic dysfunction linked to Huntington’s disease utilizing Galenea’s proprietary synaptic transmission drug discovery platform. [CHDI Foundation, Inc.] Press Release

The Centre for Drug Research and Development and the Brain Research Centre Collaborate to Bring New Therapies to Those Suffering from Neurological Disorders
The two organizations will work together, sharing their resources and expertise to facilitate joint drug development research projects — focusing on the acceleration of discovery, development and commercialization of technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders. [Centre for Drug Research and Development] Press Release


Chinese Science Ministry Increases Funding
The Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology unveiled a list of 64 research projects to be funded under the sixth round of its annual National Major Scientific Research Program. [Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology] Press Release

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NEW VI Brazilian Congress on Stem Cells and Cell Therapy
September 28-October 1, 2011
Salvador da Bahia, Brazil

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